'Forever Plaid' to Showcase Wilson Theater Restoration

Have you been looking for an exciting, high quality show, where you can take your family and feel good about what you’ve seen? I think we’ve found just your ticket.

The Wilson Theater is proud to present an old Broadway classic, “Forever Plaid.” Nearing completion of its magnificent restoration, visiting the theater is a whole new experience for those who might have visited before. The quality and beauty of the theater will astound its patrons, having transformed into one of the premier theaters in Idaho.

Theater goers will be just as pleased with its latest production, “Forever Plaid, as they will be with the theater’s transformation. This wonderful Broadway musical tells the story of a four man harmony group who was killed in 1964, on their way to their first concert. Fifty years later they are allowed to come back to Earth, to do the show they had never done in life. It is witty, funny, and full of fabulous music. Take a walk through the 50s as these crooners weave the past and present together in this splendid, comical play.

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