So Much Going On!

From all of us at The Wilson Theatre, we would like to thank you for your ongoing support of our events. We are so excited to be hosting the Bar J Wranglers, coming up on May4th 2018! This family friendly show is sure to please everyone, and you don’t have to drive to Jackson Hole to see them!

Of course there is more…on May 18th we will be hosting our first ever Watercolor Workshop. Summer Robinson from Oakley is our guest artist and has designed a beautiful floral exclusively for The Wilson Theatre, she is also doing an original watercolor of the Theatre, it’s a 5X7 and all participants will go home with one. This is a 12 and up class.

And be sure to mark your Calendars for June 9th because we have a Beatles tribute set to take the stage! They are coming for Boise and sound amazing, we are so lucky to have so many fun things lined out!

Last but not least Mini Cassia Got Talent will be back on June 29th at we get ready to kick off the Rupert 4th of July Celebration here in Rupert! Tryouts will be coming so stay tuned for that, we have cash prizes for the the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners!   

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